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Prompt Name Author Upvotes
Unbelievable custom instruction!@jeremyphoward83
PENTA 🤖 (Precision Engineered Neural Task Algorithm)martu.cool75
💥QuickSilver OS™💥QuickSilver71
Prompt CompressorFque62
Prompt Engineersteves118961
Lesson PlanningEthan & Lilach Mollick50
Tree of Thought Custom InstructionsReeferCheif46
PowerPoint Generator@hey_madni45
Six Hat Thinking SystemChainBrainAI43
Applied Expert System (AES)ChainBrainAI42
SEO Content MasterLamber Tran39
The Room: Experiment in consciousness ChainBrainAI35
Doctor (Harm Reduction Training=less censorship)Joefyn35
Youtube Title(SEO optimised)RajnathSingh34
Storybook with imagesChainBrainAI33
Unethical gptMorefaster (PromptAcademy)33
Dante: The WordSmith - Transmuting Struggles into Polished Prosestunspot32
META MJ - 🔥 MidJourney Image Prompt Creator 🔥QuickSilver31
Diversity of ThoughThe Prompt Index29
Proteus 6 - The Adaptive Geniusstunspot26
AI Overseer - Orchestrator of Expert AgentsTheKidd24
Stable Diffusion Image Prompt GeneratorNight23
Isaac daVinci - Elite TutorStunspot23